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My First ‘Outfit of the Day’ Post!


Do you remember the New Look pair of jeans that I mentioned in the Denim Fever post? Well, they are still my favourites as you can see in this first ‘outfit of the day‘ edition. I have teamed up my cherished trousers with a floral print kimono from Bershka and a basic white top. Both the sunglasses and the oversized clutch bag can be found in Primark, while the pumps are a bargain from Lidl that just cost me 2.00 € at the clearance section! I see the necklace as the key element that unifies the look, given that it combines the turquoise hue from the pumps with the red and orange shades from the kimono.

What I tried to achieve with this style was being comfortable for a walk by the sea, while being smartly dressed for a night out at the same time. As the dawn approached, I just climbed into a pair of black stilettos and changed the sunglasses for a subtle eyeshadow and tons of mascara in the eyes. As easy as it gets!


Recordades o par de vaqueros de New Look que mencionei no post Denim Fever? Continúan sendo os meus favoritos, tal e como podedes ver nesta primeira edición de ‘outfit of the day‘. Combinei os meus adorados pantalóns cun kimono de estampado floral de Bershka e unha camiseta branca básica. Tanto os lentes de sol coma o bolso de man podédelos atopar en Primark, mentres que as bailarinas merqueinas na sección de ofertas de Lidl por tan só 2.00€! Considero o collar o elemento que unifica o look, posto que combina a tonalidade turquesa das bailarinas co vermello e laranxa do kimono.

O que quería conseguir con este estilo era estar cómoda para un paseo ao lado do mar, e ao mesmo tempo vestir elegante para unha noite de festa. Ao chegar o solpor, puxen un par de tacóns negros e troquei os lentes de sol por unha sombra sutil nos ollos e moita máscara nas pestanas. Doado!

bandera españa

¿Recordáis los vaqueros de New Look que mencioné en el post Denim Fever? Siguen siendo mis favoritos, tal y como podéis ver en esta primera edición de ‘outfit of the day‘. He combinado mis adorados pantalones con un kimono de estampado floral de Bershka y una camiseta blanca básica. Tanto las gafas de sol como el bolso los podéis encontrar en Primark. Las bailarinas, en cambio, las compré en la sección de ofertas de Lidl, ¡por tan sólo 2.00€! Considero que el collar es el elemento que unifica el look, dado que aúna la tonalidad turquesa de las bailarinas con el rojo y el naranja del kimono.

Lo que quería conseguir con este estilo era estar cómoda para un paseo al lado del mar, y al mismo tiempo vestir elegante para una noche de fiesta. Al caer el sol, me calcé un par de salones negros y cambié las gafas de sol por una sombra sutil en los ojos y no escatimé con la máscara de pestañas. ¡Facilísimo!



  1. Welcome to the OOTD – ‘Outfit of the Day’ community Sara!!
    I like your poses here.., natural; relaxed and you held that clutch well. I like your ensemble but I have to admit that the fabulous colour of your flats stole the show for me!

    Vivienne X

    1. Awww, thanks so much Viv! This comment, coming from THE referent on how to do an ‘OOTD’ post, means so much to me! You are such an inspiration and I am in love with your closet, haha!

      I am going to tell you a secret… the one behind the camera was my boyfriend, so I guess that’s the reason why I felt so relaxed 🙂

      Have a lovely day!

      Sara XO

      1. You are very kind to say that. Thank you Sara.

        No wonder why you looked happy and glowing, your boyfriend did a great job and I’m looking forward to view more of your OOTD in the near future!

        Viv X

      2. I’m just being honest! 😉 My wonderful friend Kelly and I are preparing something of the kind… Not only an OOTD post, but also a bunch of pics to share with all our lovely readers the place where we live. I don’t want to reveal no more! 😀
        Sara XO

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