Photoshoot: In Bloom


Spring season has officially arrived, so it is finally the time to share with you a photoshoot Kelly and I have saved for the occasion. This post is not only about making a fashion statement, but embracing all the little things that longer days and warmer weather allow us to do.


Flowers and Stripes (III): Set featured in TOP FASHION SETS by Polyvore / created by These Heels are Made 4 Walking

Clash of prints


My activity on the blog has been reduced lately, but for a good reason. Last week I’ve achieved a milestone in my Polyvore profile. One of the sets included in my collection ‘Flowers and Stripes’ has been selected to take part in the daily TOP FASHION SETS of this ‘fashionable’ social network.

Photo: Tania Rodríguez

Photo Shoot: Drama Queen


This is my second collaboration with kellycassiee, and as you can see in the pics I am feeling more comfortable in front of her camera. In this ocassion we bring you something a little more daring (lace and leather involved!) than what you could see in the first photoshoot (1st part here and 2nd here). If I have to be true, and you can take the photos as a proof of that, I didn’t care at all about showing a head to toe polished look. Messy hair is usually a part of my everyday looks because, to be honest, I don’t have neither the time nor the patience to straighten my hair on a daily basis. In this ocassion though, I think curly and messy hair goes really well with the bold lipstick and the darkness of the whole outfit. (more…)

Photo by These Heels are Made 4 Walking

My First ‘Outfit of the Day’ Post!


Do you remember the New Look pair of jeans that I mentioned in the Denim Fever post? Well, they are still my favourites as you can see in this first ‘outfit of the day‘ edition. I (more…)

Eat your Nails -now with more chocolate!


I was recently challenged -and inspired!- by a friend and fellow baker to make something awesome to share with our group of programmers / sweet tooth friends. After thoroughly researching in Pinterest, I came across with this fantastic idea: swirl biscuits! The reason why I decided to try this recipe / design and not other it’s ridiculously simple: why choosing between vanilla and chocolate when you can have BOTH!? Everyone who had the opportunity to taste them said that they were delicious, but I have to remark that the recipe was easy peasy to follow and my (in)ability as a cook has nothing to do with the fabulous result. 😉 I would like to be able to share a pic of the homemade ice cream my friend made, but it was so yummy that I haven’t got the chance to take a picture. We were too busy digging in!


INFOGRAPHIC: How to be an “it girl” (the easy way!)

How to be an 'it' girl (the easy way)

Infographic created by Sara Outeiral for ‘These Heels are Made 4 Walking’

I have been working during the last couple of days in a new experience for me: infographic design! I wanted to make something funny and fashion-related for my first contact with Photoshop design on my blog. All the images used are free and the texts have been written by me so, in case you want to use this content, please do credit where you found it first!

Do you want to become an ‘it’ girl after all the ‘effort’ you have to put on it? Just kidding. Who in the fashion world would not want to be the one that always goes a step ahead, the one that defines the trends? Let me know in the comment section below your thoughts about the tips given. And please, like every ‘it’ girl does, don’t take things too seriously. Have fun! 🙂