My Top 12 Fashion Resolutions


During the first weeks of the year everybody is talking about their hopes for 2016. A new year always gives us the sense of reaching a milestone and fills us with positive energy. We feel like we could accomplish anything life trows at us.

After thinking about my own resolutions deeply, I came to the conclusion that I should include to be a more sensible consumer in my list. In the past I could go nuts during the sales season and buy things I would not think of buying if it wasn’t for their bargain price tags. I have to recognize that is not a responsible attitude neither towards the environment, nor for my wallet, so in the last years I always think twice before making a purchase.


'Mad Love' by These Heels are Made 4 Walking

Let’s go back to SKULL (II)


Some years ago I published a post about skull printed items when this trend was at its highest peak. What I’ve gladly discovered recently it’s that a lot of followers kept reading my content, despite the more than probable fact the products displayed in it are not available anymore. This is the main reason why I’ve decided to publish a new edition of ‘Let’s go back to SKULL’. Oh, well, and Halloween is just around the corner, so I guess this is the perfect timing too. 😉 (more…)


Celebrity Style: Cara Delevingne


If I had to choose a woman as the paradigm of the relaxed-yet-super-trendy-style, she undoubtedly would be miss Cara Delevingne. Wherever she goes -the catwalk, the anual MET gala, a basketball match, her sister’s wedding-, it always seems like she doesn’t mind the trends or whatever people think. And that’s why everybody loves her! Karl Lagerfeld’s latest crush is not only the star at Chanel’s shows, but also a habitual at the Victoria’s Secret’s parades.