Photoshoot: In Bloom


Spring season has officially arrived, so it is finally the time to share with you a photoshoot Kelly and I have saved for the occasion. This post is not only about making a fashion statement, but embracing all the little things that longer days and warmer weather allow us to do.



#OOTD: total black + new haircut!



It has been a while since I published my last post, but those of you who follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Polyvore know that fashion still is a core part of my everyday routine.

I have recently come across a bunch of pics from my birthday day (that was, September 10th… sorry for the delay!). The short haircut was something I was craving for a while, so Kelly and I planned a photoshoot the very same day I got my hair done. (more…)

Photo: Tania Rodríguez

Photo Shoot: Drama Queen


This is my second collaboration with kellycassiee, and as you can see in the pics I am feeling more comfortable in front of her camera. In this ocassion we bring you something a little more daring (lace and leather involved!) than what you could see in the first photoshoot (1st part here and 2nd here). If I have to be true, and you can take the photos as a proof of that, I didn’t care at all about showing a head to toe polished look. Messy hair is usually a part of my everyday looks because, to be honest, I don’t have neither the time nor the patience to straighten my hair on a daily basis. In this ocassion though, I think curly and messy hair goes really well with the bold lipstick and the darkness of the whole outfit. (more…)

Eat your Nails -now with more chocolate!


I was recently challenged -and inspired!- by a friend and fellow baker to make something awesome to share with our group of programmers / sweet tooth friends. After thoroughly researching in Pinterest, I came across with this fantastic idea: swirl biscuits! The reason why I decided to try this recipe / design and not other it’s ridiculously simple: why choosing between vanilla and chocolate when you can have BOTH!? Everyone who had the opportunity to taste them said that they were delicious, but I have to remark that the recipe was easy peasy to follow and my (in)ability as a cook has nothing to do with the fabulous result. 😉 I would like to be able to share a pic of the homemade ice cream my friend made, but it was so yummy that I haven’t got the chance to take a picture. We were too busy digging in!